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Finding the financial resources necessary to make it thought these tough times isn’t easy.   The days of opening up the phone book and finding a list of big financial institutions is long gone.   Making it very tough to locate private or secondary sources that are willing to help.   AnchorBay Financial has positioned itself to take up some of the slack and help companies survive.   Being ready to go is the key to longevity.

Finding a new and fresh idea doesn’t happen very often, when it comes you better be ready to take advantage of it.  The Hagstirr replaces a technology that’s 150 years old…  and it makes your vessel use less fuel, increase speed and agility and increases horsepower from the same engine.   Finally something that works….  The Hagstirr can be retro fitted to existing vessels as well as new construction…   How many products do you find that will pay for themselves?   Not Many!!!    Be sure to ask your boat manufacturer if they have the Hagstirr’s yet if your looking for serious yacht performance.
© 2009 Hagstirr™ is a product of Hagan Marine a division of Anchor Bay Financial


As the economy lags and everyone is waiting for things to return to normal, you have to take a survival approach to saving your business and preparing for the next decade.     Getting a complete financial restructuring will help you for the long haul… at this time ALL the major financial institutions are doing it to save themselves and so should you.    Anchor Bay Financial has many new financing programs designed to help and keep you going while we recover as a nation.   Let us help and give you the financial resources nessessary for you to grow and prosper for decades to come. 
Learn how Anchor Bay Financial can help your business stay afloat during these hard economic times.

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The American alternative, or “green”, energy market is growing due to increased demand from local, state, and federal governments who require cleaner sources of energy.

The current use of “green” energy is estimated to be at only 3-5% of the total domestic energy use, which leaves a significant margin for growth. This industry is on-track to grow substantially in the coming years. As a result of the increased demand, the now expensive technology needed will become more widely used, and will eventually lead to a form of energy which will supersede fossil fuels in cost effectiveness. With the increase manufacturing of new “green” technologies such as solar cells, wind turbines, biodiesel refineries, geothermal and tidal energy harnessing systems,the cost of production will drop and “green” technology will become serious competition for dirty fossil fuels.

AnchorBay Financial is dedicated to keeping the planet clean, and helping to get the market moving in the right direction again. It is for these reasons that AnchorBay Financial is looking to fund various green energy projects through our Green Lending Division. We can work with you to create the perfect financing option for your green energy business. We welcome Inquiries from manufacturers, suppliers, installers, and anyone else with a green thumb for growing “green” energy.

Please visit our Green Lending page for more information: Green Lending


Fuel cost are still going up and wallet funds are still going down!!!   Are you looking for a better way to move your yacht?   And use less fuel while going farther?  The Hagstirr™ can help… by using the same horsepower to move more water efficently we can make a differance in proformance and handeling.   It’s time to get away from the  old technology and start with the new.  

The Hagstirr™ works on new construction as well and retrofits and is available for licensing.

© 2009 Hagstirr™ is a product of Hagan Marine a division of Discount Capital Corporation

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The signs of a V-Shaped economic recovery are all around, for anyone willing to see.


Consumer confidence has jumped faster than at any time in the past 30 years. In addition, the ISM Manufacturing index is now in a zone consistent with economic growth, and construction has increased two months in a row.

Despite all this, many observers still forecast a drawn-out recession. They say that the U.S. is not in recovery yet, nor is it on the verge of recovery. The pessimists’ “Exhibit A” is often that bank lending remains weak. After peaking at $1.6 trillion in October, commercial and industrial loans (C&I loans) have declined in each of the past six months, for a total drop of 5%.

While we understand the focus on lending given the financial crisis, this argument has several weaknesses.

Looking at only the last six months is a bit misleading as C&I loans spiked up in October 2008, with many firms drawing on lines of credit they feared might evaporate in the future. As a result, the level of loans in October is an artificially high base for making comparisons. And some firms may be repaying those loans now, thereby reducing loans outstanding.

Moreover, borrowing from a commercial bank is not the only way for companies to obtain funds. They could generate funds organically by increasing profits. This happened in the first quarter of 2009 when U.S. corporate profits increased at a 14.2% annual rate, the first gain in almost two years.

Forbes Money – Read The Full Article Here

Things are starting to look better for all commercial business in America, but  companies must look for new financing options to facilitate there survival and prepare for the future.  Staying diligent will be the key to success and prosperity in this new economy.   Most often a commercial financing professional will be able to find a better financing option for your business to stay afloat.

– Jim Hagan

Discount Capital Corp.

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