Why Lease Equipment?

Equipment leasing is designed to help you get needed equipment in operation fast with low monthly payments that fit your budget.

100% Financing
Very Flexible terms
Conserves capital
Reduced tax liability
Credit lines untouched
Most modern equipment
Guards against inflation
Frees Exisiting capital
Full use without purchase

Has ownership options
Creates new credit source
Fixed terms and payment
Easy to add-on or trade up
Builds a competitive edge
Helps to improve cash flow
Builds customer confidence
Convenient for all parties
Customer relationships

What is the difference between Leasing Equipment and a Bank Loan?

While many business's finance the equipment they need by going to a bank for a loan their are many benefits to leasing the equipment instead. Getting a bank loan will most likely require good credit, Discount Capital Corp. works with "A+" Credit to the financially challenged. The other benefits to leasing include: Low Initial Cost, Substantial Tax benefits, Easy Upgrading of Equipment, and Off Balance Sheet Financing. Equipment Leasing is true 100% financing, because you are not buying the equipment rather paying for the use of the equipment.


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