Why offer financing?

Here are some typical sales objections and the reasons why leasing overcomes these objections:

"I can't afford it!"
Leasing offers immediate use of equipment with zero down and low, fixed monthly payments.

"Shouldn't I own the equipment?"
Advise your customer that it is the use of equipment that generates profits, not ownership.

"I don't want to pay interest charges."
When you examine what a lease really is, there really are no interest charges. A lease is a fixed payment for a specific period for the use of an asset. Are they leasing office space? What is the interest rate? None, of course!

"Isn't applying for a lease complicated for my customer?"
Not at all. In fact, where a bank or conventional lender would require financial statements and mounds of paperwork, most leases can be approved up to $75,000 with just a one-page lease application.

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